Top 10 Christian Dating Sites & Apps

For Christian singles seeking a meaningful connection with someone who shares their faith, the world of online dating offers a diverse range of options. Dive into our curated list of the Top 10 Best Christian Dating Sites & Apps, designed to bring together individuals who prioritize their Christian values in the quest for love.

Christian Mingle

As a pioneer in the Christian dating scene, Christian Mingle remains a top choice. With a vast user base, this platform focuses on fostering deep connections rooted in shared faith and values.


Known for its in-depth compatibility matching, eHarmony extends its expertise to Christian singles. The site’s commitment to understanding the intricacies of faith makes it a trusted option for those seeking long-term relationships.


BigChurch, part of the FriendFinder network, is dedicated to connecting Christian singles. With features like Bible groups and forums, it provides a holistic platform for fostering spiritual connections.


Boasting a strong Christian user base, ChristianCafe has been facilitating Christian connections since 1999. Its commitment to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere sets the stage for meaningful relationships.


For Catholic singles, CatholicMatch stands as a dedicated platform. It emphasizes faith compatibility, ensuring that members can connect on a spiritual level while navigating the journey of love.


A faith-centric app, CrossPaths brings together Christian singles through their shared beliefs. Its innovative approach combines the convenience of mobile dating with the depth of Christian values.


LoveAndSeek caters to Christian singles looking for both romance and spiritual connections. Its user-friendly interface and detailed profiles make it easy for members to express their faith and preferences.

Christian Connection

With a strong presence in the UK and beyond, Christian Connection is committed to helping Christians find love. It offers a safe space for singles to connect, with features like events and articles to enrich the experience.

Adventist Singles

Specifically designed for Seventh-day Adventist singles, Adventist Singles is a niche platform that caters to those following this Christian denomination. It focuses on creating a community based on shared beliefs.


While not exclusively Christian, Zoosk’s inclusive platform attracts a diverse user base, including Christian singles. Its behavioral matchmaking technology ensures that users are matched based on their preferences and values.

Embarking on the journey of Christian dating opens up a world of possibilities for meaningful connections grounded in faith. The Top 10 Best Christian Dating Sites & Apps offer a diverse range of options for Christian singles to find love, companionship, and shared spiritual values. Whether you’re new to online dating or a seasoned participant, these platforms provide a welcoming space to navigate the path to love with faith as your guide.